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Hello there!!

Are you ready to boost up your immune system naturally?  We're getting into Fall Season and need to get our body and mental prepared for colder season!  

If it's easy for you to get sore throat, cold, running nose, sinus headache, you may want to think to strengthen your body, especially your immune system.

An Immune system is very important to keep it balanced because it protects your body from being sick by fighting off virus and bacteria.  For example,  If your Natural Killer cell (part of your immune system) is strong, it helps killing cancer cells.  

Acupuncture/Chinese Herb is the great way to balance your immune system!!  Also I can teach you how you can protect your body from them by your diet and your daily habit!  Would you be interested in learning them?

If you're new to this oriental medicine, I'd love to give you

10% off your first treatment (cash patient). 

If you're an insurance patient, I can give you a 30 min complimentary consultation. (The discount is not allowed by the insurance.)

The deal will be expired in October 31st, 2018.