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Hello there!!

We're just getting into February and had some snow today.  Hope all of you stay warm and drive safe out there.

These cold weathers tend to give you more joint pain and some headache because of the temperature/pressure changes. 

In my country Japan, the drug store sells mild-grade heat stick-on moxa (burning herbs) and easy for us to work on our body with them at home.  It's great to unlock your energy stagnation, add more energy, which helps reducing pain.   You may be able to buy them at Amazon.com here in America, but it may be pricy and you might want to learn how to use them too. 

Also warming your whole body helps, for example by taking a hot bath, drinking cinnamon tea.  Cinnamon is a great herb which has lot more other benefits besides warming up your body.  It'd be great to include in your diet.

​Moxa and having the herbs is the part of acupuncture treatment. If you're interested, I'd be happy to talk about your case, and if it's appropriate, we can include them as your treatment.

Any question?  shoot me a mail or call please!