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Reiki  霊気 (Universal Spiritual Energy- Japanese Technique)

Reiki is another form of the energy healing method just like an acupuncture.  Instead of needles, we use hands, which are placed off the body or I can touch the body lightly.  Reiki Master can do the distant healing, that it can send the energy to the person who is not here, away from the healer. It works as if the person's just like here getting the energy. Sometimes I do send Reiki to my parents and also am asked to send it to a few patients in Japan.  It works beautifully. 

During the session, people feels deep relaxation, and I see many of patients fall asleep.   I hear from them it helps reducing the physical and mental pain, decreasing some symptoms,and promoting immune system. 

And anybody can learn Reiki if you want to take care of your friends, neighbors, parents, husband, wife, and children etc.  I can teach you how!

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