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What to expect at your First Visit
Your first appointment will take approximately 90 minutes or a bit longer.  During the time, we discuss your health concerns, going through the health form you filled out, the treatment plans and the acupuncture treatment.  Please be sure to eat some food before you come to the appointment  and come with a relaxing/looser clothes so that you can be relaxed fully. The acupuncture treatment uses your qi (氣: vital energy) and need some good energy from food for the effectiveness of the treatment.
What to expect at your follow-up visit
​The follow-up visit will take approximately 60 or 90 min. It's up to you, your choice of the plan.  We'll talk any changes since the last treatment and/or new concerns shortly and proceed with the acupuncture treatment. 

If you choose 60 min, usually one side of the body (face up or down) would be needled/treated.

If you choose 90 min, you're treated on both side of the body with more energy work.  It would be good if you want to feel deep relaxation or/and are looking for energy work for yourself.

During the session, I turn on vibrational nature sound music, which has certain frequencies that promote more healing process to body, mind and spirit. Most people feels very calm.

​​Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation
Your first appointment will take approximately 45-60 minutes.  During the time, we discuss your health concerns and going through the forms.  Your follow-up appointment takes about 30 min.

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